About Our University


Our school provides accommodation facilities for our students in Mustafapaşa and Urgup. 24-hour hot water, wireless internet connection, meals (three times a day) and security services are available in all our student houses. While the student houses in Mustafapaşa consist of rooms to house three students; those in Ürgüp consist of single, double and triple rooms. Transportation from our student houses in Ürgüp to our college is provided by free shuttles at scheduled times.


Cappadocia University has two separate campuses, one in Cappadocia region and the other at Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport.

The Cappadocia campus, which emerged with the re-functioning of historical and remarkable buildings, offers its students the opportunity to receive an extremely contemporary education in a historical atmosphere, as well as concentrating on their education in the calm and peaceful atmosphere of Cappadocia, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site with its thousands of years of history and fascinating geography; It offers the opportunity to live a pleasant student life with its rich social activities.

Cappadocia University is the first and only higher education institution providing education at an airport with its education campus operating at Sabiha Gökçen Airport. Our Sabiha Gökçen Airport campus, which exhibits one of the most effective examples of cooperation between the higher education institution, the private sector, and the state, offers our students the opportunity to receive education in the heart of aviation.


Our Student Houses Directorate provides catering services in Mustafapaşa and Ürgüp. All students can benefit from our dining halls. Food and beverage service is provided at affordable prices in our canteens and common work areas.


In the town of Mustafapaşa, where the central campus of our school is located, there is a health center with a doctor and a nurse affiliated to the Ministry of Health. In accordance with the agreement made with this family health care center, all students are registered in the system and receive a fast and effective health care service within working hours. Health services out of working hours are received from hospitals. The student with a medical problem is taken to the hospital accompanied with the student housing staff. All cases are recorded in forms and delivered to the relevant family doctor. In addition, in accordance with the agreement made with the Versa Hospital in Nevşehir and Emsey hospital in Istanbul, a discount in the fees is applicable for our students.

Disabled Students

‘Disabled Student Unit’ was established for disabled students in our College, in order to take necessary precautions to facilitate their education and social participation as well as making arrangements in this direction.

Scholarship Opportunities

We offer 15 % Regional Scholarship to the students whose place of birth or residence is Aksaray, Kayseri, Kırşehir, Nevşehir or Niğde and who prefer formal education programs on the Cappadocia campus; % 15 Preference Scholarship for the students who prefer one of the non-scholarship formal education programs of Cappadocia University as a first choice ; 10 % Vocational Tendency Scholarship for the students who have taken the professional disposition test of the university and are considered to be eligible for that educational program. The scholarship continues on condition that student is succesful and does not receive any disciplinary penalties. These scholarships are non-refundable. In addition to these scholarships in our college, in accordance with “Scholarship and Social Welfare Instructions”, various scholarships such as partial work sholarships, academic success sholarships, sibling scholarships, martyr and veteran scholarships are also available.

Student Affairs

Processes like registration, registration renewal, following up grades, following-up students’ military affairs are carried out by ‘Student Affairs Office’. The office conscientiously works in order to carry out the tasks and processes within their responsibilities. In addition, they provide “live support service” during registration periods.

Study / Learning Areas

By the academic year 2017-2018, the number of our libraries have increased: 2 libraries in Mustafapasa and 1 in Urgup, with a capacity of 40.000 books in total closed area of 1.616,2 m2 have been in function including the reading rooms. Libraries carrying out their services with the open shelf system, are arranged according to the Library of Congress classification system. (LC)

1. Mustafapasa Central Library: The library, which has approximately 10.000 printed publications, mainly consists of publications in the areas of religion, economy, philosophy, aviation, law, architecture, history and literature.

2. Mustafapasa Social Sciences Library: The library has approximately 15.000 printed publications, and the collection content mainly consists of areas such as geography, language literature, law, psychology, humanities and history.

3. Urgup Science Library: The library’s collection has approximately 15.000 printed publications and consists of mainly science, literature, law, history, child development, gastronomy, social work, nutrition and educational science publications.

In addition, at the beginning of the 2011-2012 academic year, SHT-147 library had been established with THY Teknik joint-stock company’s support on Kapadokya and İstanbul campuses. Libraries have provided services to students who study at the Aircraft Technology associate degree program and trainees within non-formal education programs with their shelf capacity of approximately 500 books. In the library, there is a study area with 60 people seating capacity. The library collection consists of printed information sources on issues related to architecture, engineering, fine arts, social and humanities, law, literature, etc. Also, subscribed, trial access and open access databases have been provided on the library website in order to support research activities.

Erasmus Exchange Program

The Erasmus program, which is a European Union program to encourage higher education institutions to cooperate with each other, creates and implements joint projects with each other; provides non-refundable financial support for short-term student and staff exchange and encourages the increase of relations and cooperation between higher education institutions and work environments. Our college, which has achieved significant success both nationally and internationally since its establishment, has been included in the Erasmus program of the European Commission since 2008-2009 academic year and has been awarded the Erasmus Extended University Charter. The new term policy covering the years 2014-2021 has been determined as ERASMUS FOR ALL instead of LIFELONG LEARNING.

Farabi Exchange Program

The Student and Academic Members Exchange Program among Higher Education Institutions, which is called "Farabi Exchange Program" in short, is a student and academic member exchange program among higher education institutions that provide education at associate degrees, undergraduate, graduate and doctorate levels within universities and high technology institutes. The Farabi Exchange Program aims to enable students or faculty members to continue their education and training activities in a higher education institution outside their own institutions for one or two semesters. Non-refundable scholarships are allocated to students participating in the Farabi Exchange Program and additional course payments to faculty members. The principles regarding the implementation of the Farabi Exchange Program have been determined in detail by the Regulation and the Principles and Procedures.

Mevlana Exchange Program

Higher Education Council Mevlana Exchange Program is a program that aims to exchange students and academic staff between higher education institutions providing education in Turkey and higher education institutions providing education abroad. Students who want to participate in the exchange program for at least one and at most two semesters of education; Academic staff who teach at higher education institutions around the world for at least 1 week and at most 3 months can benefit from the program. Similarly, students and academic staff from all regions of the world can also participate in education and training activities by coming to higher education institutions in Turkey within the scope of the program. Within Mevlana Exchange Program, all higher education institutions in Turkey who have signed Mevlana Exchange Program Protocols can participatewith their associate degree, undergraduate, graduate students registered their formal training programs.

Brief Information for Students Participating in Exchange Programs.

It is possible to find your own internship workplace. These places can be private or public enterprises, institutions or organizations operating abroad. You are supposed to submit the contact information of these workplaces to our office. You can visit our Erasmus Office for details.